Wait, how is this Druther’s? 

  • Our company, Druther’s, is the corporation behind all of those restaurants you’ve probably heard about in the past. 2017 was the first year our company ventured onto social media, and 2018 was the first year our company ever maintained a website on the Internet. We’ve kept a very low profile over the years, but due to a certain amount of incorrect media coverage, as well as misinformation spread throughout the Internet and social media about our company, we have basically been forced to get online. 

Is there more to Druther’s than just Dairy Queen? 

  • Yes. 

I would like Druther’s to partner with or invest in my business, how do I do that? 

  • Just send Robert Gatewood or Brian Easley an email at contact@drutherssystems.com. 

I currently own/co-own/operate or would like to own/co-own/operate a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill location. How do I become a Druther’s Dairy Queen Joint Venture Partner in the United States or abroad? 

  • Just send Robert Gatewood or Brian Easley an email at contact@drutherssystems.com. For new ventures, Dairy Queen must first be contacted by someone who would like to purchase or build a store in your area. If you or someone you know are interested in opening a Dairy Queen franchise with Druther’s as your Joint Venture Partner, please contact Dairy Queen by clicking Franchise With Us. If you currently own/co-own/operate a Dairy Queen and would like Druther’s to be your partner, or buy out your existing partners, email or give us a call. Remember, “I’d ruther partner with Druther’s.” 

I currently own a former company location or property, can I “reconnect with the mothership” and become a partner with Druther’s again? 

  • Yes. Absolutely. Any time. Give us a call or email.

Would you donate toward our event, team or organization? 

  • Our company has been a member of the communities we’ve served since the 1950s, and we’ve contributed to countless charitable causes, sports teams and other organizations. For specific Dairy Queen inquiries, please contact our partner locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. For inquiries directed at Druther’s here in Kentucky, we’ll consider the proposal and also extend the opportunity to our partners for their involvement. 

What sets a Druther’s Dairy Queen Grill & Chill apart from the rest? 

  • A Druther’s Dairy Queen is a DQ Grill & Chill model restaurant with a breakfast program, that has an expanded menu, and is open all year round. Druther’s is the Joint Venture Partner (JVP) and minority stakeholder in the restaurant, and also maintains a professional bookkeeping service for all partner locations. We believe to our core that the person responsible for managing and running a restaurant should have an equity position in that venture. Druther’s partners are independent - they own and operate their location however they choose - but they are also a Druther’s partner, and have access to all the benefits and financial backing of that partnership and network. The addition of more than 100 high-volume “Druther’s Phenomenon” Dairy Queen locations in the 1990s to the Dairy Queen family, as well as Druther’s involvement with Dairy Queen Corporate Stores from 1996-2011, introduced a uniform breakfast program to the DQ brand and served as one of the inspirations for the DQ Grill & Chill model, which was developed by a committee of franchisees within International Dairy Queen. 

Are there any Burger Queen restaurants left? 

  • As of 2020, there are two independent Burger Queen restaurants, former international franchises, in Taipei, Taiwan. Our company currently has nothing to do with any businesses or entities in the world that have chosen the name Burger Queen. This may not always be the case.

Are there any Huckleberry’s restaurants left? 

  • Druther’s agreed in 1984 with our partner Grand Metropolitan to sell the 17 Huckleberry’s locations in the United Kingdom. Our company currently has nothing to do with any businesses or entities in the world that have chosen the name Huckleberry’s. This may not always be the case.

Are there any Druther’s Restaurants left? 

  • As of 2020, there is one independent Druther’s Restaurant, a former franchise, owned by our good friend Steve McCarty, the second generation owner/operator, in Campbellsville, Kentucky. The Campbellsville location is the only authorized Druther’s Restaurant our company recognizes. Our company has nothing to do with any other businesses or entities in the world that have chosen the name Druther, Druther’s or Druthers. Similarly, we are not involved with any breweries in New York state, sock companies, human resources companies, bands, or marketing firms, etc., that have chosen the name Druthers. This may not always be the case.

What happened to Queenie Bee? 

  • Queenie Bee was created for Burger Queen in 1971 by Joe Bonura and introduced in 1972. Queenie was slowly phased out during the Druther’s era and replaced with Andy Dandytale, a creation of Grey-North, now known as Grey Group. We are currently exploring the possibility of bringing back Queenie Bee as the mascot of our holding company, as well as continuing her appearances at charitable events, hospitals, parades, etc. 

Do you plan on bringing back any of your brands? 

  • That is a complex question. We have explored, and continue to explore, the possibility of reviving our brands. Due to our companies’ involvement and relationship with the Dairy Queen brand – currently – we have no plans to bring back our other brands. This may not always be the case. We reserve the right to revive our brands at any time we choose, including Burger Queen, King Neptune’s Seafood Galley, Huckleberry’s, and Druther’s Restaurants, etc.

Who owns Druther’s? 

  • Our company has been privately held since 1956. Since 1982, the owner has been Robert Gatewood. Harold Kite, Helen Kite, Charles Strowmatt, George Clark, Mick Gannon, John Clark, Louis Seibert, Tom Hensley and Adam Miles were the only other corporate owners or co-owners.

Where was the first Burger Queen restaurant? 

  • Harold and Helen Kite opened the first Burger Queen in 1956 in Winter Haven, Florida. Our first Kentucky franchise location was opened in 1963 by George Clark and Mick Gannon in the Middletown area of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Where was the first Huckleberry’s restaurant? 

  • The first Huckleberry’s opened in 1979 in Wood Green, North London, United Kingdom. 

Where was the first Druther’s Restaurant? 

  • The first Druther’s Restaurants, opened in test during our 1979-1981 rebrand from Burger Queen to Druther’s Restaurants, were located in Union City, Tennessee and Fulton, Kentucky. 

I own a restaurant or business called Burger Queen, Druthers, Druther’s, King Neptune’s or Huckleberry’s somewhere in the world and would like to partner with you, how do I do that? 

  • Just send Robert Gatewood or Brian Easley an email at contact@drutherssystems.com.