Searching for Burger Queen and Queenie Bee… 

Our company itself, outside of Dairy Queen history, traces its origin to our first Burger Queen location in Winter Haven, Florida. Harold and Helen Kite opened the first Burger Queen in 1956 on Havendale Boulevard near the popular Cypress Gardens. But we really took off when we hit Kentucky a few years later. 
A book on the history of our company is currently being written by Druther’s Vice President Brian Easley. If you have any memories or photos of Burger Queen (1956-81), Huckleberry’s (In the UK 1979-86), Druther’s Restaurants (1981-), the early Druther’s DQ Years (1990-1996), Dairy Queen Corporate Stores (1996-2010) or the present era (2011-), please email and thanks! 

We hope to have a published product available for sale online and in book stores by 2023.