Something Big's Been Cooking Since 1956.

Druther's, doing business as Dairy Queen® restaurants since 1990.

From 1956-1990, we were known by a few other names...

Burger Queen of Winter Haven. Burger Queen of Louisville. Burger Queen Systems. Burger Queen Enterprises. Queen-Air. Royal Equipment Company. Vencorp. Bluegrass Financial and Investment Corporation. King Neptune's Seafood Galley. Huckleberry's. Druther's International. The Fresher Cooker. Druther's Systems.

In 1990, Druther's became a Dairy Queen® territory operator, converted an entire chain of restaurants to the DQ® brand, and brought our breakfast program and proven systems along.

We currently partner with and support Dairy Queen® DQ Grill & Chill® restaurants, Longwood Antique Woods, and other businesses in Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, etc.

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